Community Projects

Easter Egg Hunt:

Come join the Orchard Park Jaycees during their annual Easter Egg Hunt at Yates Park. Each March or April (depending on when Easter falls), we host our Easter Egg Hunt, which is broken down into three age groups (Ages 3-5, Ages 6-8 and Ages 9-12) for optimal success in finding the most eggs. Each child is given a small chocolate bunny for attending and the opportunity to win toys and other trinkets that are stuffed in the eggs. We also award 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize chocolate bunnies for each age group. Bring your cameras so you can take advantage and enjoy the photo op with the Easter Bunny. A great time is enjoyed by all!

Orchard Park High School Scholarship:

Each year, the Orchard Park Jaycees make available a Scholarship to graduating seniors attending Orchard Park High School. Applications for the Scholarship are available through your Guidance Counselor at Orchard Park High School. The Guidance Counselor will provide you the due date by which the application must be submitted. We encourage all students to apply for our scholarship.

Earning by Learning Reading Program:

Orchard Park Jaycees
Earning By Learning Program
How the Program Works

  1. Your child must register with parental/guardian permission signature. Pick up a Rules and Regulations sheet and a Book Interview Sheet. A PARENT MUST SIGN THE FORM FOR CHILD TO PARTICIPATE. Children must be accompanied by a parent/guardian each week. Your child must be supervised. There are no make-up nights if your child cannot attend one session. You do not have to attend all three sessions, but you must make TWO for your child to get credit (because you must volunteer a minimum of two nights).
  2. Reading Lists/Forms: Visit our website: and click on the “Earning By Learning Info” tab along the top of the page. When the page opens, click on whichever grade your child is entering in the Fall and print that reading list (each list is about 30-40 pages in length). Also print one copy of the ‘Book Interview Sheet’ for each book your child will be reading. This Interview Sheet MUST be brought with your child AND the book each week to be counted.
  3. Bring your printed list to the library before the start of the program to select your books for the next week and check them out (maximum of 7 books/week for credit).
  4. Read the books and fill out ONLY THE TOP PORTION of the Book Interview Sheet (child’s name, book name, etc) for each book read.
  5. On the night of the program, please make sure your child is signed in (come to the back Meeting Room at the Library) by 7:30 pm. Children signed in later will not be eligible for that week unless arrangements are made in advance and agreed upon by the Jaycees.
  6. When your child comes to the library on the selected program night, they will be interviewed by another parent using the Book Interview Sheet. Please do not read the books so far in advance that your child does not remember the details. Child must bring the books to each weekly session to be eligible for credit (keep this in mind time-wise when checking books out…you need the book on the night of the program).
  7. Parents volunteer to help interview the children two of the three nights. This is how we keep the program free and how we do not have limits on number of children participating. Parents should plan to be at the Library in the meeting room by 6:15 pm and anticipate staying until 8:00 pm (if necessary). Please bring a pen. Parents can alternate volunteering (parents/guardian or even grandparents can participate) if necessary.
  8. After your child is interviewed in the library by another parent, their folder will be brought back to the Meeting Room and submit it to the Jaycees. We will update your file and enter your number of books read on your tally sheet. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY WE VERIFY NUMBER OF BOOKS READ.
  9. You then go back into the library and pick your books for the next week (be sure to bring your list with you each week) if you have not finished doing so.
  10. Your child will be given $1/book read (max of 7 per week).

The following forms and lists are available:


Online Registration Form


Interview Sheet


2nd Grade Reading List


3rd Grade Reading List


4th Grade Reading List


5th Grade Reading List


5th Grade Advanced Reading List


Thanksgiving Baskets:

Each year, the Orchard Park Jaycees select either local families or a food bank to which we make donations of food/groceries needed for preparation of a Thanksgiving meal, gift cards to local grocery stores or monetary donations to support those in need of assistance with the Thanksgiving Holiday meals. Last year, a monetary donation was made to the food bank located and operated by the Tabernacle in Orchard Park.

Christmas Angels:

Each year, the Orchard Park Jaycees select either local families or a locally operated charity to assist families with food and gifts for the Holiday season. Last year, donations of food/groceries and gift cards were donated through Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Donations were designated to a family who currently had a family member undergoing treatment at Roswell and were in need of assistance with their holiday celebration.

Letters to Santa:

Have your pens and letters ready! Right after Thanksgiving, in cooperation with the Orchard Park Post Office, a special “Holiday Mailbox” will accept letters to Santa and they will be sent to Santa Claus! Get your letters in as early as possible, as he will answer as many letters as possible before his big night! Be sure to include your return address and list any special events the children’s lives, along with a list of “wishes.” The project runs from approximately December 1st to December 15th each year.

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